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Red & Gold Super Bowl Prediction | February

Yeah the 49ers aren't in the Super Bowl... boo hoo. But at least it's going to be a fun game tomorrow and the Super Bowl spirit of the 49ers will live forever (can you tell I just drank some Chai Tea?). Since everyone (plus or minus 3 people) is asking me who I think will win the Super Bowl, I decided not to keep y'all waiting.

Pittsburgh Steelers
First, I really like Big Ben. The guy is almost as clutch as it gets and has this inane ability of avoiding getting sacked. I have no idea how that big, lumbering guy does it, but somehow he does. The Steelers defense is always excellent with NFL defensive POY, Troy Polamalu roaming the field. Mike Wallace is the big play threat that can change the whole game and they have a solid running game.

Green Bay Packers
That being said, I like the Packers a little bit more. Of course, I cry every time I think about what could have been with Aaron Rodgers in a 49ers uniform. He has become an elite NFL quarterback, no question. Greg Jennings is every bit a playmaker that Mike Wallace is but he is a better possession receiver to boot. James Starks has been a big boost to a team that has lacked production ever since Ryan Grant was injured. And, the Packers defense is so much better than it has been in years past. They are relentless and have some excellent athletes.

While I expect it to be a very entertaining game, I do not think it will be a defensive showdown but a well-played game with the difference being one or two more big plays made by Green Bay.

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