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Why I Don't Want Jim Harbaugh as the Next 49ers Coach | December

jim-harbaughOh boy it is pure chaos in 49er-land. The Niners are putting on all appearances that they are open to who the next GM is going to be. And once they name their GM then next order of business is head coach followed by quarterback, gaping hole #3, gaping hole #4, and so on. Only there are a few potential problems I see with this plan. 

First is the GM search - I have heard a lot that Trent Baalke, the 49ers current Vice Player of Personnel is the 'sure thing' to land the GM role. So... who cares? Why make such a big deal about finding and hiring a GM if your intention is to promote from within? Is asking Bill Parcells if Baalke is a good guy all of the assurance 49er fans need that he's going to make the right decisions? Lots of potential holes here that I will explore in an upcoming post.

But even more worrisome to me is the possible hire of current Stanford head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Yes, Harbaugh has done a great job since 2006 when he began his head coaching career at Stanford. And, no matter how well he has done, I DO NOT want him coaching the 49ers. Here's why:
1. Did I mention that his head coaching experience is in college only for less than 5 years? Ummm, I am under the impression that first time head coaches (see Singletary, Mike) don't always have success in the NFL;
2. Remember the last time the 49ers hired a coach from college? Yes, his name was Dennis Erickson, one of the biggest train wrecks in the history of 49ers football;
3. It's not totally relevant, but the last time a Stanford coach took over one of my Bay Area sports teams, Mike Montgomery went on to crash and burn as the head coach of the Warriors. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth because of that;
4. Mike Nolan, Dennis Erickson, Mike Singletary, and Steve Mariucci are all recent coaches with no previous NFL head coaching experience (except for Erickson but does that really count?). Do the 49ers keep trying to go for cheap coaches for a reason?

I'm sure one day Jim Harbaugh will be a good NFL coach, but I would rather let another team take a chance on him and let the 49ers hire a PROVEN NFL head coach. I repeat.... a PROVEN NFL head coach.