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If the 49ers Can't Pick a QB, then Why Not Let the Fans | December

TroySmithStLouisRamsvSanFrancisco49ers_mPV-PKi-DflAs of this morning, the San Francisco 49ers had not picked their quarterback for the season-critical Rams game Sunday morning. By some incredible alternate universe coincidence, the 49ers are still only one game out of first place in the NFC West with 2 games to play. In order for the 49ers to win the west, they need to win out and have Seattle lose at least one game. Given how incredibly weak this division is, anything is possible.

That's why the decision of who will be quarterbacking the 49ers for this next game is so important. Why it should have been the first thing that was decided... so the starting quarterback can actually prepare with the first time. So here we are Wednesday morning and the decision either hasn't been made yet or I haven't heard about it. My guess is that Troy Smith gets the nod but it's anybody's guess.

This whole situation reminds me of when I'm hungry and looking for a snack, I'll keep going back to look in the same cupboard, the same drawers 10 times somehow thinking that a new snack will magically appear. I think Mike Singletary and Mike Johnson are going back in the same QB cupboard thinking a new QB will magically appear.

As I was thinking about how asinine it is to now know who you want leading your team, I came up with an idea. Since decisions now are being driven by social media and public vote - from voting on the last cast member in the Real World to which idea  Pepsi should give $50,000 to, why not let 49ers fans do the same with the QB decision. 

Think about it - Mike Singletary and Mike Johnson each look like like indecisive nuts. They can't choose. They go back and forth. They won't commit. They won't even mention how badly someone played until they look at the film. If you put the power in the fan's hands, then the "Mikes" can deflect blame. And, the fans will have no right to be angry because it was there choice.

The method is easy - either have a poll on the 49ers official website: "Who should start at QB"? You can even put David Carr in there as it might be his only chance to see the field. You let all blogs and media outlets drive people to the site. If there is enough critical mass (50,000 votes or more) then the fans make the call. You can even do it so there is a 2/3 vote instead of classic majority. Fans have to vote by Monday afternoon and there you go. 49ers drive lots of people to their website and fans have their voice.

Hey, if the 49ers aren't going to make the decision, then why not us?