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Alex Smith and Mike Singletary - A Match Made in Unemployment | December

sp-49ers12_PH_0502381515Well, Mike Singletary gave it a shot. He tried to send a message to Alex Smith by benching him (well, he sort of used Alex Smith's injury as an excuse) and going with former Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith. And it worked really really well... for two games. Now Singletary is stuck and his only option (in his mind) is to waffle back to Alex Smith. I have three letters that sum up my feeling about Alex Smith starting against the Seattle Seahawks = DOA. That's right, Dead on Arrival.

Now the 49ers find themselves in an all-to-familiar position: a coach clinging onto one last hope, supporting the guy that has let his coach and team down too many times. Remember that Mike Singletary's "confidence" in Alex Smith is the reason that the 49ers released Shaun Hill (a BETTER starting quarterback than Smith), the reason they didn't sign Mike Vick in the offseason (oops) or Donavan McNabb (for jersey sales alone), and why they didn't try to pick up Trent Edwards, Matt Leinart after they were cut (still better than A. Smith). But, I have four very simple reasons why Mike Singletary and Alex Smith should not represent the red and gold next year: 

1. Mike Singletary is not a very good coach - Sounds harsh but it's true. I thought he had a vision for the team and an identity. Truth is, the 49ers are the mixed up chameleon of NFL teams. He's been visibly out-coached and he has made too many poor strategic decisions. All in all, Singletary is a very good motivational speaker (hello... second career perhaps?) and probably a great linebacker coach or maybe a defensive coordinator. But a head NFL coach...no or at least not yet. 

2. Alex Smith is not a starting quarterback in the NFL - Anyone who has watched one full 49ers game will agree with me. Maybe if you watched the last 5 minutes of the New Orleans game, you might say to me, "Josh, Alex Smith has got poise, he's mobile and he drove the team down the field quickly and efficiently." My response to you would be "This conversation is over, you moron." Alex Smith may be a solid back-up QB or the best third string QB in the division. Truth hurts don't it?

3. There are too many other good coaches out there - Let me name just a few coaches that are available now or will be by season's end that I would rather see leading the San Francisco 49ers on the field next year (in no particular order): Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, Herm Edwards, Gary Kubiak, Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, Brad Childress, Tony Dungy, John Fox, Mike Holmgren, Jim Mora, and John Madden to name a few. I'm only half joking on the last one but please note these are all (or mostly) proven NFL coaches. No more coordinators promoted, no college coaches (sorry Jim Harbaugh). Not this time. Not for the 49ers. 

4. The 49ers can easily upgrade the QB position through the draft, trade or free agency - Whether it's Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Cam Newton or other big-time collage QB's, free agents like McNabb or even Kyle Orton, or guys like Kevin Kolb who could be traded for - there will be an upgrade this offseason... no question. 

So, enjoy your last hurrah Alex and Mike. Good luck next year Coach Singletary, with whatever team you are the coordinator for and with you Alex for whatever QB(s) you are backing up. It's time for all of us to move on.