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Written by Bryce Prunty | 03 October 2011

The 49ers are showing they will not give up!  I thought after they let Dallas get away with a win, we were just waiting for Andrew Luck to arrive.  I guess we are out of the Andrew Luck conversation.  The Niners have shown the rest of the NFL we are not going to lay down and wait for next year!

For the last two weeks, the 49ers pass rush has been crushing offenses.  They are making up for the poor play of the secondary.  The offense has been running the ball well to set up the pass.  I am happy Vernon Davis is back in the mix, but they need a wide receiver to step up and help out Alex Smith.  Overall, you cannot be disappointed with a 3-1 start for the NFC West division leading 49ers.

I know Harbaugh is getting most of the credit for the great play of the Niners.  I think people are missing the impact of first year GM Trent Baalke.  He has given Harbaugh the personnel to put a winning team on the field.  My hat is off to Harbaugh and Baalke!

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 19 September 2011

The 49ers did an excellent job of losing a 10 point lead and allow the Cowboys to score 13 unanswered points to end the game!  Coach Harbaugh did the right thing by taking the points instead of taking the penalty with a 10 point lead.  The Defensive Secondary did a horrible job of stopping the Cowboys!  If the 49ers do not address their Secondary issues, this could be a long season.  And I am not talking about additional games in the playoffs.

Here is what I think the 49ers need to focus on: Secondary, Offensive Line, and getting Vernon Davis more involved in the offense.  If you can improve those 3 things, we have a good, if not great team!  If we could have stopped the pass, we would have taken the Cowboys out of the playoffs (only 11.6 percent of teams that have started a 16-game NFL season 0-2 have made the playoffs).  I want nothing more than to knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs this year.

There were a few highlights in the game, but nothing to get too excited about after allow 13 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and overtime.  What did you take away from the Niners week two performance?

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 12 September 2011

Really?  Ted Ginn Jr saved the day?!!  I was traveling yesterday and had a chance to catch the game in Reno.  The Niners did a great job of controlling the clock in the first half.  In the third quarter, Harbaugh started to get conservative and not throwing the ball down the field to stretch the defense.  The offense did a good job of not turning over the ball.  Frank Gore looked like he was afraid to get hurt.  The defense played great, but gave up a couple of easy touchdowns toward the end.  The Niners need to workout some issues with their secondary.  If the defensive lines keeps playing at this level, we might be looking at the NFC West champions.

Last week, the 49ers restructured Ted Ginn Jr's contract.  He took a 1.2 million dollar pay cut.  Of course, with the new contract, he can earn it back based on his playing time, return yards, and touchdowns.  Trent Baalke did it again!  The incentives worked to product two late touchdowns to save the game.  In my eyes, special teams was the hero of the game along.  Andy Lee had another great day pinning the Seahawks back.  David Akers was perfect...again.  If the defense and special teams keep playing at this level, they might make up for the struggling offense.  What was your highlight from the game?

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 05 August 2011

On January 4th, the San Francisco 49ers hired Trent Baalke as General Manager.  Reports were the hire might scare off Jim Harbaugh from wanting to be the next Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers.  Mr Baalke proved them wrong.  He has been underestimated every step of the way.

I thought he was wise to pass on Aubrayo Franklin who made $7 million last year.  The 49ers walked away from high priced Nate Clements.  Another good move.  They sign all their draft picks before training camps even starts.  They went out and go some of the top UDFA's in NT Ian Williams and ex Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli as a RB.  

Then the free agents start to come in.  They sign K David Akers, S Madieu Williams, S Donte Whitner, and C Jonathan Goodwin.  Adam Schefter wrote: 49ers committed $16 mil in 2011 to Akers, Rogers, Goodwin, Whitner, Edwards, Williams. Raiders committed $16 mil in 2011 to Michael Huff.  Great job, Mr Baalke!

Yesterday, the Niners signed Braylon Edwards to a 1 year $3.5 million deal.  49ers deal for Braylon is $1M base with no guaranteed money.  Braylon only gets full $3.5M is he catches 90 passes and makes the Pro Bowl.  If Mr Baalke announced a class for negotiating tomorrow, I bet it would sell out in seconds!

What is your opinion on the job performance of Trent Baalke?

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 04 August 2011

The 49ers are late bloomers this short off season.  They acquired their Cornerback and Center by signing Carlos Rodgers from the Redskins and Jonathan Goodwin from the Saints this week.  Goodwin is a great pick up from a Super Bowl winning team.  Also, the Niners are reported to be shopping Taylor Mays.  Report just in from Adam Shefter: Former Bills S Donte Whitner did NOT go to Cincinnati. He agreed to a 3-year, $11.75 million deal with $4 million guaranteed with the 49ers!  Whitner was being courted by the Bengals.  Maybe Taylor Mays will be a Bengal this year.

We just need our deep threat Wide Receiver in place.  Reports are Braylon Edwards might sign a 1 year deal with the Niners.  We just need our last piece which is a deep threat in my book. 

What do you think the 49ers need in free agency?

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 02 August 2011

I am happy the 49ers did not reach or make a ridiculous offer to a free agent...but when are we going to sign a Cornerback?!!  How about a Center, maybe?!  They are sitting on $30 million in cap space.  We are still negotiating with Goldson and Franklin.  Report are the Niners are close to a deal with Franklin.  Doldson and the team are far apart on terms.  I would like to see both players back with the Niners.

The Niners really have to address the Cornerback and Center position before the season.  They could also use another big play Wide Reciever.  Harbaugh is wise to built through the draft.  If we are going to make a dent in the NFC West, we need to be able to stop the pass.  Something they were unable to accomplish last season. 

Arinzona Cardinal have to spent over $39 millions this off season.  Seahawks and Rams have made several moves to make their teams better.  We cannot wait till next draft to deal with our needs for this season.

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Written by Bryce Prunty | 29 July 2011

I was excited to see the 49ers signed all 10 draft picks before Training Camp started.  One of the good things which came out of the new Rookie Salary Cap.  We are going to have less Rookie holdouts for ridiculous guaranteed money.  Harbaugh is wise and building slowly through the draft.

Nate Clements, goodbye and good luck with your overpriced contract!  Hello, David Akers!  I think David will enjoy the weather in San Francisco over Philly.  We are excited to have another great veteran kicker.  I would like to thank Joe Nedney for his time with the Niners.  We will miss our Bay Area native.

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